Softwares You need To protect Your PC from viruses

 Your computers are vulnerable to potential viruses and malware.  This is why as a PC owner; you should know that there are dangers attached when your PC is open to viruses. Then you may begin to find ways to protect your PC. This give rise to questions like ‘how do I protect my PC from malwares?  What software can I use to protect my PC from viruses? How do i protect my PC from viruses? You need answers to these questions right?

This article contains various kinds of software you can use to protect your computer from viruses as well tips to protect your PC from virus. Read on to know more.

Software to protect your computer from virus and malwares


Antivirus software

Antivirus software is very necessary to keep your PC safe. This is to save your PC from viruses and malwares. This antivirus software notifies you of any threat and advises you of activities going on in the background of your system.

You’ve got to keep updating the antivirus software so as to get hold of the latest strategies used to detect viruses and how to block them from your PC.

Examples of antivirus software include Avast Antivirus, Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, and Microsoft defender.


Microsoft Safety scanner

This software from Microsoft provides extra protection to your PC. It scans and detects dangerous malware and viruses and removes them immediately.

This software can be used as an addition to your normal antivirus software. The Microsoft safety scanner expires within few days of downloading it. Users only need to download it again when it expires or when you need it for your PC.



VPN means Virtual Private Network. Its work is to help you stay private online. So having a VPN software installed on your PC is really useful for data security and for your internet usage freedom. It makes your device IP address secure and makes it difficult for any internet service provider or hackers to get any information about your activities online.

Note that VPN does not make you invincible so you also have to consider protecting your PC using other ways.

So if have sensitive data on your computer, use VPN when browsing online so as to be protected from potential hackers.  Those sensitive data could be stolen if you’re not careful enough. You never can tell!



Firewall is a network security device that scans and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic; based on an established security policies. In simple terms, Firewall is just like a barrier between a private internal network (your computer’s network) and the public internet.

It blocks any suspicious incoming data and protects your computer from malwares from making changes to your PC.

Though, most operating system does come with firewall; but if you care about your computer’s safety, purchasing a higher spec firewall may worth it. 


Password Generators

Determined hackers can try several ways to get the password to a data.  They can even go long by sending you unnecessary mails that will prompt you to input your details. They could use special software to record your keystrokes and debug them. They can try every combination of digits to possible get your password.

This is why you need a Password generator to help to generate a really unique and strong password. It will help you generate a random and strong password that will be difficult to crack by hackers.

You can search for quality password generators to help you stay safe online.


Other tips to protect your PC from virus

ü  Use antivirus software from trusted company: If you’ve not hear about an antivirus company before or you’re doubting the company, the best thing is to use another reliable and trusted company.

ü  Update your system software: You’ve got to update your system software so as to keep them from potential virus attack. An outdated software is easier to manipulate and can be attacked with ease.  So keep your system software updated

ü  Use Strong passwords: You may need to always remember hundreds of passwords to access your data. Ensure to use a unique and strong password for each site. If you have issues managing your passwords, you can get a password management tool to help keep them safe and help you recall them easily when your need them.

ü  Do backup for your data regularly: Keep a backup copy of your important data on a different storage device. This is because when your computer gets stolen or when a data is manipulated on your computer by hackers, you have backups to get you going.

ü  Don’t open unrecognized emails: There are viruses attached to emails. Some has the aim of spying into your computer to steal data. When you open these mails, viruses spread into your computer and cause destructions. So never try to open unfamiliar and unrecognized, email attachments.

ü  Be cautious of running an unknown app: Some unknown apps that are downloaded from the internet may be unsafe for running on your PC. It may contain malwares which could pose danger s to your computer. The windows smart screen notification helps you detect an unsafe app and warns you of running the app.

So you’ve got not only to be cautious of running unknown apps but also to pay attention to your Smart Screen notification.

Windows 10 and 11 comes with Windows Security which provides updated antivirus protection to your PC. The windows security scans fro malware and viruses as well as security threats and alert you immediately one is detected. However, it is advisable to install a third party software to be on a safer side with respect to your PC protection from virus. 


If you are the type that keeps sensitive and high valued data on your computer, you’ve got to pay more attention to your PC safety. The above listed software can be very useful in protecting your computer as well as the highlighted tips on how to protect you PC from virus. I hope you find this article helpful.

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