How To Factory Reset Iphone XR

How To Factory Reset Iphone XR

Whether your iPhone is having software difficulties or may be giving you the user tough time navigating through it easily, you might be prompted to factory reset it so to have things back to normal. Factory reset is an option that is capable of solving many issues that arise in the phone.

Factory resetting the phone means you want to delete all data in the phone. In simple terms, it means you want to restore the phone back to default settings. After you’re done resetting, every settings returns back to the way it was when your newly bought the phone. Then the issue with the phone should be solved.

Today, we’re taking the iPhone XR as a case study; we’ll be looking at how to factory reset an iPhone Xr. Read on to know more.

What it means to Factory Reset 

Factory reset means you want to wipe every data including account info, media, apps, and any/ every other stored data on the device. Factory reset allows you to get your device back to its default settings. It is often what most people do when they want to sell the device, give it to someone or reset the phone general settings.  

How to Factory Reset IPhone XR

ü  Go to Settings

ü  Scroll down and tap General

ü  Scroll down and tap Reset

ü  Tap Erase All Content and Settings

ü  Enter your passcode (if prompted)

 1. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.

If you already have a new iPhone which may be the reason why you want to factory reset the one you previously have, you can use the extra free storage in iCloud to move your apps and files to the new device. 

You can do that by hitting the get started button, then follow the onscreen instructions, then return to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.

2. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

After all files has been erased and the iPhone restarts, you’ll be provided with two options to set up iPhone as new or to restore it from backup. That’s for you to decide


How to force my iPhone to factory reset?

This can be done in two ways.

ü  Hold down the home and power button until the phone shutdown and restarts.

ü  The other way is to go to settings, select general settings, and then hit Reset. You’ll see an option ‘Erase all content and settings” Select it your phone starts to factory reset.

How to Factory Reset an Iphone Without Password Free

You can Factory reset an iPhone without password for free by using iTunes on a computer.

ü  Connect the iPhone to a computer and open iTunes on the computer.

ü  Select the iPhone icon in the menu bar,

ü  An option list will appear. Select “Restore iPhone.”

Before the resetting process starts, a warning will appear asking if you really want to factory reset the iPhone. If you wish to, Click “Restore.


How to factory reset iPhone XR to without passcode

Maybe you don’t know the passcode of your iphone XR and you wish to factory rest it; then you can reset it even without the passcode. How? See the steps below:

ü  Put your iPhone in recovery mode,

ü  Connect it to a computer and open iTunes,

ü  While the iPhone is still connected, force restart it by pressing and holding the volume up and side button together until the Apple logo displays.

The iPhone should restart after that process. Once it is done restarting, it should display ‘connect to iTunes’ screen. From there you can now proceed to reset it.

What does it mean to hard reset an iPhone XR?

When your iPhone isn’t working properly, hard reset on it may just be an option to get it working properly. It is a way to restart your device, and erase all data and settings on the device. To hard reset An IPhone XR, press and hold down the power and Volume Up button together until you see the Apple logo. Then you can complete the reset from there.

Is it possible to factory reset a locked iPhone?

Yes, it’s possible to factory reset a locked iPhone; only that you’ll need to input the correct passcode to successfully reset the phone.

How to unlock an iPhone without face ID?

Unlock an iPhone without face ID or passcode by using Siri. If you use an iPhone 6s or earlier versions, you can press and hold down the Home button while you say “Hey Siri.” For iPhone 7 or later versions, you can just say “Hey Siri.”

How to factory reset my iPhone without password or iTunes?

You can reset your iPhone without password or iTunes by using iCloud. Simply go to and sign in with your Apple ID. After you have sign in, click ‘find my iphone’ and select ‘All Devices’. Select the device and click erase.

 How do I factory reset my iPhone with buttons?

In this case of factory reset with button, you’ll have to put it in DFU mode. How? Press and hold down the power and home button for 10 seconds; then release the only the power button. While you’re still holding down the home button, you’ll see the ‘connect to iTunes’ screen. This means you’re now in DFU mode. Then, an option to restore your device will show on your screen.

How to wipe an iPhone without the passcode?

You can wipe an iPhone without the passcode is by restoring factory settings. This will wipe every data on the phone; including the passcode.

Note: Remember to backup important files before factory resetting your phone. 

That's the much I can take on how to factory reset iPhone Xr. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any question in mind, drop it in the comment box below ad be sure to get a reply as soon as possible.

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