How to block annoying Spam Text

 How to Block annoying Spam Text

Spam texts are messages that appear on phone screen either via mail or text messages. These texts mostly unwanted, unexpected and annoying as it may contain malware which could be dangerous to your device. The aim of spam text senders is mostly to scam you! Never fall victim.

Meanwhile, you might be wondering that how do I identify spam texts? How do I block them? How not to fall victim? Answers to these questions have been provided in this article. Read on to know more.

How to identify spam Text

Spam texts don’t come from another phone; it mainly comes from computer. It is then sent in bulk to random generated phone numbers and emails. Now here is how to identify them.

You get them on your phone as unexpected and unwanted texts. 

You see glaring spelling and grammatical errors

Check the relevancy of the text. If it is irrelevant, it is a spam text. For example, the text talks about a product delivery; did you order anything or were you expecting a product?  

Looks unprofessional: if you receive mails from legitimate companies, it looks organized and properly arranged right? If you receive one that is unprofessional, it is probably spam!

It sounds too good to be true:  For example. If it informs you about a prize to be won if you perform simple task. Or if it informs you about playing a game to win a gift. It is probably a spam text!

So there you have different ways to identify a spam message. You’ve got to be careful so as not to fall victim.

Check out these facts below:

Do you know about 87 billion spam texts are sent per year, and still increasing.

Aside being annoying and unwanted, do you know spam texts may exposes you to identity theft.

Spam text also gets malware installed on your device; to spy on your personal information which may in turn be used against you.

So these are more reasons why you should be extra careful so as not to fall victim. However, see tips on how not to fall victim below.

Tips on how not to fall victim of spam text

Having known how to identify spam texts, let’s now look into how not to fall victim of spam text.

1. Ignore and don’t click on any link: upon receiving the text, never try to open it as you might be tempted to click a link. If somehow you have open the text, don’t panic all you have to do is to ignore and don’t click any link irrespective of how tempting it is. It could be extremely dangerous.  

If you click on a link, your device could be opened to potential malware and makes your personal information easily accessible. Your personal information will be stolen on your phone via that malware; and could be sold to identify thieves. You know what that means!

2. Don’t give out information about yourself: If somehow you have mistakenly clicked on a link, don’t give the smallest of your personal information not to talk of the biggest. 

Maybe you couldn’t identify the text in the first place or you’re not sure, do well to make proper research and contact the right personnel to be on a safer side. Don’t follow links on the text message and don’t call the numbers attached to it.

3. Never respond in any way: The least of response such as ‘NO’ can be very dangerous. Your response helps your spammers know that your number/email is genuine. Then your even more spam texts will be sent to you and your number could be sold to scammers who find tricky method to defraud you.

Tips on how to block Spam Texts

• Block manually individual numbers / mail senders:  If you can identify those numbers and mails senders, you can block them from sending messages to your phone. You can simply go to your phone messages/ contact settings, select numbers you wish to block, and hit the block button.

• Activate your call-blocking service from your wireless provider: When you activate your wireless carriers, it helps you identify potential spam text before it enters your phone. If it is then found to be a spam text, your wireless providers prevent it from entering your phone and also block such sender. 

• Report unwanted and unexpected messages: Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android, there are ways to report unwanted messages on both phones.  Do this and you’re protected from spam texts.

Still wondering how to block annoying spam text, here are calls & text blocking apps that can help you.







How to protect yourself from spam texts

• Add your number to the FCC National Do Not Call Registry:  Add your number to the Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry allows you to deactivate receiving most telemarketing calls. You can as well report any unwanted call to the FTC.

 • Filter unknown senders: You can filter message senders on your phone or activate spam protection so as to be protected from potential spam message.  

Filtering out spam messages on iPhone:

o Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap “Messages.”

o Scroll down to locate “Filter Unknown Senders.”

o Turn it on. This means all messages coming from a number not in your contact list, it will be filtered under ‘Unknown Senders’ tab found under Filters.

Filtering out spam messages on Android:

Go to your message app and click the three dots on the top right corner of your screen,

Tap on “Settings >Spam Protection.”

Scroll down to locate “Enable Spam Protection.”

Turn it on.

• Limit your phone number reach: What do I mean? Limit public posting of your number. Your number could be gotten from anywhere but limiting it can also go a long way.

• Report the attack: Report a spam text by forwarding the text to your wireless carriers. Send the text to 7726 (SPAM) and an investigation will be launched on the text.   


This article has highlight ways to block spam texts as well as how not to fall victim. So when it comes to Spam messages, identifying it immediately is good; it gets better when you take the initiative of blocking the spam text; it is best when you do the right thing coupled with taking precautions. 

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