5 most in-demand Cloud Computing Jobs in 2022

It is very obvious today that cloud computing is taking over the world. According to a recent statistics, cloud computing will continue to dominate the world in many sectors. Cloud computing has grown significantly well in the last decade and will continue to grow.

If you use Google drive to save and share your files, then it can be said that you’re using cloud computing. As a matter of fact, the popular zoom app used to have meetings and conferences are also part of cloud computing.

A report shows that by 2030, the cloud computing sector will make an annual revenue of 1.6 trillion, and it will consist of other sector such as the banking, financial services and insurance, consumer goods, IT and telecom sector. So you see that cloud computing is here to stay.

Because of the significant growth that is to come in the cloud computing sector, jobs under this sector will become one of the most in-demand jobs as time goes on. So if you are interested in the field, now is to time consider a career in cloud computing.

If you already have IT experience and want to consider a job move in the cloud computing sector, this article has listed 5 most in-demand cloud computing jobs in 2022. Read on to know more.

Most in-demand Cloud Computing Jobs in 2022

 Here are the top 5 in demand cloud computing jobs in 2022:

Virtualization Engineer

Average salary: €47,194

A virtualization engineer manages virtual computing platforms such as server resources and data storage. They serve as cloud computing advisors to companies and perform duties such as data migration, and virtual machine set-up.

Virtual engineer must be updated on the latest industry development.

Key responsibilities:

ü  Manage the application, architecture, and deploy cloud solutions

ü  Manage server resources, data storage and other virtual computing platforms.

ü  Manage an organization’s server virtualization


Cloud Data Engineer

Average salary: €73,823

A cloud data engineer is responsible for building, planning, monitoring and managing of an organization’s cloud data. 

Key responsibilities:

ü  Prepare data for intended purposes.

ü  Ensuring data solution quality

ü  Building data processing systems

ü  Design and maintain database


Cloud Engineer

Average salary: €74,508

A cloud engineers is an experienced IT professional who handles technological roles in cloud computing. Some of the roles include designing, management, maintenance, and support in the cloud. 

A Cloud Engineer must have in-depth knowledge of software development, creating cloud web services and scripting languages. The following skill is a must have for a Cloud Engineer: knowledge of cloud security, programming languages, problem solving skill, good communication skill as well as quality leadership skill. 

Cloud engineer can be regarded as a general term. This means responsibilities may vary based on the company you’re working with. Your tasks may also overlap with other professions such as cloud architect, cloud network engineer, cloud software engineer, and cloud system engineer.

Each of those profession focuses on a specific type of cloud computing.

Cloud architect – Responsible for managing cloud infrastructure

Cloud network Engineer – Manage network infrastructures.

Cloud software Engineer – Build and maintain software features.

Cloud system Engineer -

Key responsibilities:

ü  Assembling  and managing the cloud infrastructure

ü  Create the functions, applications, or databases that run on the cloud

ü  Establishing a secure cloud environment, and ensuring proper uptime availability.



Cloud Security Analyst

Average salary: €60,355

A cloud security analyst is similar to a cyber-security analyst. They work closely with the cloud automation production team in making the cloud environment secure and work effectively. Role is to conduct security checks in the cloud environment, follow up on potential risk and create solutions to reduce the risk.

Key responsibilities:

ü  Check for possible risk in the cloud environment and create solutions

ü  Identify dangerous threats in the cloud environment.

ü  Deal with cloud breach problems.


Cloud Automation Engineer

Average salary: €52,900

Almost everything in the world becoming increasingly automated; there is the automated teller machine, automated coffee machines, automated proofreading machine and many more. For this reason, a cloud automation engineer will be needed to build and maintain this technology.

As a cloud automation engineer, you should have the knowledge of software development and managing cloud infrastructure as well as integrating your development skill in cloud automation.


Key responsibilities:

ü  Provide support in software operations and management

ü  Resolve problems relating to cloud automation

ü  Manage cloud computing infrastructures

ü  Monitor software performance, identify the issues and resolve them.


Cloud Architect

Cloud Architecture consists of four components. They are the front-end platform, the back-end platform, the network and the cloud-based delivery model. Work of a cloud architect is to oversee the cloud adoption plans and deployment as well as application design. 

Key Responsibilities: 

Cloud architects are responsible for:

Designing, building, deployment, and maintenance of business cloud applications 

They are responsible for a company’s cloud computing architecture. 

They supervise a company's cloud computing system. 


If you're interested in technology trends, venturing into cloud computing could be a great decision. Cloud computing is here to stay and no doubt about the better advancements that is to come from this field. I hope you find this article helpful.

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