4 Websites to help you create a Clean, Professional and attractive resume

 It is no doubt that one of the essential documents in job application is your resume. This is why you’ve got to create an attractive resume so as to get a second look from your hiring manager.

According to a research, hiring managers glance through a CV for an average of seven seconds before deciding on if the candidate is good enough for the job role.

While spending hours on editing your resume is one way to achieve that professional look for your resume, a little extra bit of effort could even make it better.

Your resume goes a long way in making or breaking a job application. So how do you create a professional and attractive resume that is capable of demanding a second glance?

Well, to create an attractive resume, have the following qualities of a professional resume in mind.

·         A professional resume is clear enough and easy to read

·         Shows the necessary skills in-line with the job you’re applying for.

·         Have a consistent formatting and free of errors.

·         A bit creative; to show professionalism as a job seeker.

Here are websites to help you create a professional and attractive resume irrespective of your area of specialization. Check them out below.

Websites to help you Create an Attractive resume


Canva is known to be used for creating presentations, social media graphics, posters, presentations and documents. CV is actually one of the things you can create with Canva. There are numerous nice templates available to pick from to help you create your resume from scratch.

The templates are fully editable and free for use. With Canva’s user friendly interface and lots of other qualities, you can create a CV for yourself in minutes and share.

So with Canva free resume builder, you can land your dream jobs with captivating resume; a professionally created one at that.

Visual CV

Visual CV is a free resume builder that allows you to create your CV in a way that you like to help you land your dream job. One major quality of visual CV is that you can build a professional CV in minutes. Not only that, you can also upload your current resume in PDF or word doc format to make changes on it using visual CV.

You can as well create an interactive type of visual resume which can be published online. In this type of resume, you can insert a video of yourself or even audio narration. You can also track the number of views /downloads your resume has gotten.

Online CV

Online CV is used to create professional resume. In just few steps, you can create our resume by selecting a template, editing it to your taste and downloading it; all in minutes and free of charge. The website is easy to use and contains a step by step guide to successfully creating your CV.

According to a research by Jobscan, it is said that 98% of fortune 500 companies use the Applicant Tracking software (ATS) to simplify hiring process. For this reason, all templates on Online CV are fully optimized for ATS. This means you have an extra edge on landing your dream job.



Wix is used to build websites through the use of drag and drop tool.  It is also used to create attractive resume using the right format and template. The wix website is user friendly and easy to navigate while creating your CV.

It has a brilliant set of CV templates that can easily be edited to your taste irrespective of your role or industry. You can add links to relevant projects to help you stand out from the crowd. It is also important to double check after you're done so to be sure that every details is correct and accurate.


Note: make sure that your resume is in-line with the job you’re applying for. Include relevant details that relates to the job you're applying to. Ensure you include details that meet the job requirements. For instance, if a job demands knowing how to drive, do well to include it in your CV, it is a relevant!


Tips for creating an attractive resume

Before you start creating your perfect resume, remember these key points.

Don’t over-design – Keep a simple design

Some templates could be full of designs, so it’s left for you to choose one with simple design. A study shows that a resume with the F-pattern or E-pattern layouts holds hiring manager’s attention for a longer time. So you may consider such layout. It is not only attractive but also professional.

If you’re in a creative industry, a bit more of design could be nice but not too much. Any other field aside the creative related industry needs a very simple design. Use readable fonts that won't stress your hiring manager!

Two is the magic number

Right from time, we have always been told that CV shouldn’t be more than a page. A research shows that hiring managers are 2.3 times as likely to prefer a two page resume over a one page resume. So while creating your resume, have it in mind that two pages is ideal for a professional resume. This gives you more space to put whatever skills and qualifications you wish to add.

Check before sending

Yes, ensure to check your resume before you send it. You should check for spelling error, ensure you have included all relevant documents and details, and check for formatting errors, typing error. You can also seek for a counselor to help you review your resume to ensure it is attractive and professional.

Once your CV is complete, you can find your next role on the House of Talent job board. With thousands of jobs to choose from, it’s the best place to find exciting and interesting roles.


There you have 4 websites to help you create an attractive and professional resume. You can also checkout the above listed tips to help you achieve professionalism in your resume creation. Visit those websites and create an attractive resume capable of landing you a dream job. I hop you find this article helpful. 

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