6 months free: HD + gift for Philips TVs

HD + will be available from October on the Android TV models PUS85x6, PUS9206, PML9506, PML9636, OLED706, OLED8x6 from Philips . As a user, you do not have to integrate any additional hardware into the devices. In order to make the new offer attractive to customers, Philips TV provides the HD + channel package with all of its Comfort functions are available on the devices free of charge for six months.

6 months free: HD + gift for Philips TVs


One of the most practical features of the new HD + functions is the automatic switchover notification. As soon as a desired program can also be received in UHD, the Philips device notifies you of this and enables you to switch to the better picture format. Access to the media libraries and the option of restarting a broadcast that has already started are also impressive.

According to Georges Agnes, Managing Director of HD +, viewers alone can look forward to 430 hours of live sport in UHD quality via satellites. For the first time in history, the Olympic Games will be broadcast directly in UHD. Murat Yaskin, Managing Director TP Vision D / A / CH emphasizes that work is being carried out on expanding the range of programs through partners in every direction.


The integration of HD + in Philips TV is possible via the HD + HbbTV Operator App. HbbTV is a standard that contributes to simplified operation, as online content can be combined with the television program. Likewise canComfort functions can be conveniently controlled with the remote control of the television. It is therefore not necessary to purchase an external set-top box or a CI + module. This means that users do not have to invest in additional hardware to get the Try offer.


A big plus with the manufacturer's trial offer: It is completely possible without prior registration. Users can test the free time of HD + without having to commit to any further obligations. Anyone who finds after the end of the six-month test phase that they want content in good picture quality HD + content can either be booked as a subscription for 6 euros per month or as an annual package for 75 euros. In total, customers have 24 private HD and 2 UHD channels at their disposal. The channel “UHD1” contains various programs from ProSieben UHD, SAT.1 UHD, Kabel Eins UHD, Eurosport 4K, Kabel Eins Doku UHD, TELE 5 UHD, ProSieben Maxx UHD and DELUXE MUSIC UHD.


HD + is now also available on more and more televisions without an additional HD + module. This means that there are no additional acquisition costs for users that would otherwise be added to the subscription. With the integrated support for TV stations, future TV models will be more attractive compared to the competition. If you have an older device that does not yet offer integrated support, the HD + module remains an alternative. Since the device can be tested for 30 days without risk, it is worth trying for anyone who wants to benefit from better quality TV channels.

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